Day-to-day operations of the Fund are managed by the executive committee, which consists of 16 current IESE MBA students. Given the annual turnover in the executive committee, the Fund also maintains an advisory board consisting of IESE faculty. Investment decisions are made by the investment committee, a group of six individuals drawn from the executive committee, advisory board, and outside independent members.

Our Executive Committee

Our Advisory Board

The Advisory Board helps ensure continuity between MBA classes and provides advisory oversight to new fund directives.

Our Investment Committee

The Investment Committee makes investment decisions and provides feedback on new initiatives. Investment decisions require a majority vote (4 or more votes).

  • Maria del Rosario Plazas (Co-President of IESE Impact Fund): 2nd-year MBA student with 5 years of experience in international development 
  • Rodrigo Puglisi (Co-President of IESE Impact Fund): 2nd-year MBA student with 3+ years of experience in M&A
  • Fabrizio Ferraro (IESE Faculty): professor of Strategic Management at IESE with current research exploring the emergence of responsible and impact investing in the financial sector
  • Susie Meier (Independent): investment manager at HV Capital, a $1.7bn German venture capital fund, with 7+ years of investing and financial services experience
  • Paula Sancho (Finaves Manager): Investment Manager of Finaves, the venture capital fund founded in 2000 by IESE
  • Arcano Partners member (Independent): placeholder for a member from the Arcano Partners team