How does it work

IFIC is a student-managed fund investing in impact ventures: for-profit organizations where positive social and/or environmental impact is an intentional and integral part of the business model.

We count on the support of IESE faculty and other strategic partners to invest in both direct (subordinated) debt and direct equity, targeting early stage businesses. There is no obligation to invest in an alumni or student company. IFIC aims to invest in ventures where it can make a meaningful contribution to the organizational development and overall positive impact generated. We will leverage the IESE MBA student network and broader community to provide post-investment support and advisory services for investee companies. Along with strategic partners, IFIC also designs short-term consulting projects for MBA students to work with local impact ventures.

IFIC’s capital is raised through donations and the proceedings of its operations are not returned to donors. Instead, all returns on investment will be kept within the fund for future investments and to support the IESE community, growing the donor contribution impact.

View IFIC’s Bi-Annual Reports to learn more about the investment thesis, investment evaluation and execution process and progress made: